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Insulin Plant
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Insulin Plant
Insulin plant (CGLIVEP0001)

Insulin Plant: The plant does not bother much about soil and grows wildly with adequate sun. The plant is good and very effective for diabetes. It also has other medicinal values and serves as a cure for Asthma etc.

Live Plant/ stem cutting one number. approx 200 gms + 100 gms for packing

Live sapling: Yes
Consumption: Strictly as per doctors prescription only.
Organic nature: 100 &

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Crazy gardener's view on this product: 
Crazy gardener would generate the stem cutting or live plant post the order confirmation only. Hence the order would take minimum a week time to process. A little amount of soil would be added to the product to keep it intact. Ultimate care would be taken to ensure the plant is delivered in good condition. For any issues related to damaged goods please check the Shipping policy.

₹179  Inc Processing
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