Natty White Radish

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Natty Radish - Small white:

Radish is a root vegetable. Good for health. Sowing radish in your garden pots not only gives you organic home grown vegetable but also removes the toxic content if any formed in the soil converting it to good consumable nutrients. Radish is a good companion plant for most of the vegetable plants. It takes up the pest attack but still gives you best roots.

Harvest starts from 30 to 45 days from the day of sprout. Certain varieties take even 60 to 80 days to mature.

8 grams. More than 100 seeds.

Germination: 60%
Home grown: Yes
Organic nature: 100%

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Crazy gardener's assurance: 
Crazy gardener would like to personally assure you the quality of the seeds generated. The major cost is primarily for the time invested in extracting and organic methods applied in preserving the seeds. Compared to other sellers the cost is still low.

FAQ: Seed preservation: Crazy gardener  uses only traditional seed preservation methods passed to him by his ancestors. No chemicals or other boosters added. Post preserving the seeds are stored in cool, dark and dry storage boxes. Because of this preserving methods seeds have been proven to germinate even after few years under right conditions.

Seed generating cycle: Each seed being shared is first grown for minimum 3 plant generations organically.

Organic Methods: Crazy gardener believes in soil culture. All plants are grown in soil which are specially prepared as described in his Blog (Click to read). Crazy gardener only uses organic products such as vermicompost (VC), well treated Cow Dung Manure (CDM), well treated Goat Manure, Asafoetida, Organic Neem Oil, Organic Pungam Oil etc to fertilize and treat plants against pest and other diseases.

Packing methods: All seeds are extracted treated and packed fresh. None of the seeds on sale are more than 8 months old.

Seed germination:  All are quality seeds under right conditions you would get a 100% germination.

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