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Jeevamrutham Liquid (CGFERT0001)

Jeevamrutham: This liquid is produced by mixing Cow Dung, Cow Urine, Jaggery and pulses. The number of days for preparing the same is seven days and can should be used within 10 days. This is an organic liquid fertilizer which enriches the soil and plant and provides all the nutrients required for the growth of the plant.

By adding jeevamrutham nitrogen requirement of the soil will be enriched there by increasing the greenery in the plants and crops Jeevamrutham is mixed with micro organisms and when applied to soil, it slowly dissolves in soil and releases these micro organisms. There are few elements contained in the soil which are not in the form that the roots can directly absorb. The microorganisms in Jeevamrutham converts the elements in the form which roots can directly absorb. This can supplied both as root as well as foliar application.

5 liters

Self manufacture: Yes
Terrace garden: Yes
Organic nature: 100% organic produce.

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₹146  Inc Processing
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